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Our committees are the backbone of our organization, working tirelessly to achieve our goals, carry out our mission and shape the direction of NACBH's future. Here you'll find information about each of our committees, including their purpose, members, and current initiatives.


Public Policy Committee


 Best Practices Committee


Program Committee

As an acting committee of the Board of Directors, the Public Policy Committee is responsible for analyzing current policies, identifying opportunities for improvement, and advocating for changes that align with the goals and mission of the association. The committee collaboratively develops policy recommendations that address key issues relevant to the association's members and those they serve. 


The Best Practices Committee provides standing monthly opportunities for all members to exchange information with their NACBH colleagues. The group is a rich resource on accreditation standards and surveys, performance improvement activities, program innovations, and DEI initiatives. The committee meets at 1:00 p.m. Eastern, the third Tuesday of each month. 


The Program Committee produces our annual Emerging Best Practices Conference, which draws attendees from across the nation for three days of learning and focused dialogue around the emerging issues most impacting children's behavioral health executives. This committee meets as needed to secure cutting edge presentations and presenters. 

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